Bijan R. Kian, Chairman
Fred K. Faridi, President and CEO
Dallis E. Widick, Director
Thomas H. Wolfe, Esq. Director
John Bahrami, Senior Vice President
Dr. Jim Yeh, Senior Advisor
Jeffrey D. Pratt, Senior Advisor
Sohrab Mansourian, Senior Advisor

      Jim is a professional financial engineer, mathematician and statistician with over five years of experience in development, design, implementation and management of advanced computerized models for review, analysis and measurement of risk on consumer loan products and portfolios.

      He has been responsible for forecasting, measurement and management of risk on a $25 billion portfolio of automobile financing as well as development and implementation of delinquency and Collection Recovery forecast models for a wide range of consumer credit products. He has developed macro-economic forecast models to evaluate the impact of adverse economic conditions on portfolios and assets of financial institutions.

      From 1994 to 1998, Jim was responsible for project management at Fair Isaac and Company where he developed and managed credit bureau and loss ratio scoring models. Jim received his Doctorate degree in Operations Research from University of California, Berkeley with emphasis on Economics and Management Information Systems in 1999 and his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from University of California, Irvine in 1992.

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